Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great Group

We were more than blessed today with a great group of CHEERFUL volunteers. The office was filled with the sound of happy voices as we all worked together to get the mail processed.
 Above Mary, Glenna and Leona jumped right in to start opening the studies. Below they were joined by Shirley, Eva Jean and Vonnie. On the other table were the readers Kathy, David, Marvin and mom. Chuck and Marvin L were working on the third table. 

And just in case you think there is no room for YOU, check out the picture below: Poor Jeanette was all alone working in the other room at the big table.
We broke for lunch at noon
but went right back to work and were able to finish up the studies by 2:00 pm. We had a LOT of mail but everything worked and work went smooth as silk. What an amazing day with a great group of people. They ALL deserve a HUGE thank you. They not only do the work they make this work fun. 

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