Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Wonderful Gift

We had a busy day at the Berean office. The last of the big black beautiful Bibles were mailed out today. We are not sure of the count but probably around 400 of them. Over a 1000 of the new smaller paper back Bibles were delivered today for next week. Below Timmy and Justin have just finished helping stack them in the office.
In the other room Anna and Eva Jean were sealing envelopes while Roma worked on removing labels from the Bibles that have been returned.
 We need to remove the post office labels that are placed on top of the prisoner label so we can record that the Bible has been returned. This happens when the prisoner is transferred before the Bible reaches him or her. We try to send Bibles out the week we get the request but sometimes the prisoner will write for a Bible then get transferred that week. That is not good, they don't get their Bible and we have to pay postage both ways if we want the Bible back.
 Deb, Rachel, Diane, Rebekah, Justin and Marie were working on stuffing, wrapping and labeling the Bibles in the main room.
 We completely ran out of stamped envelopes so Timothy was put to work stamping enough that we could get the mailing out today.
 We recieved a very nice gift today from Single Focus Weekend. They collected 2400 stamps and donated these to our program. That is a value of $1056.00! What a wonderful gift and one that was really appreciated. We go through stamps so quickly it is hard to keep enough in the office to get the mailing out each week. A BIG Thankyou to all who came to the Single Focus Weekend and brought stamps.

 Diane is opening the gift in the picture below.
 Jordan was watching the work going on just a bit bored. 
 He finally just decided to start 'helping' his mom get the Bibles stuffed. 
Below Chuck and Diane are reading the letters that came in today. 
 We had a very productive morning and were finished in time to enjoy a nice lunch before noon. Thanks everyone we survived another week. As the big Bibles are now all gone we need to come up with some kind of an explanation letter to send next week when we send the small paper back Bibles out.

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