Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Plea For Help

I was on vacation last week so this will be an update on 2 weeks worth of news. Not that there is much different to report. The biggest surprise was to come back believing I would be working at the Berean office all day on Monday to just try to catch up and finding the amazing wonderful volunteers were able to get all the studies processed, labeled, stuffed and mailed. A special thanks to all who helped. Our BIG praise came walking in today with 20 rolls of first class stamps. This man really is tall and truly a blessing to us. He didn't want to be named but I will give you a hint. He greets us happily and asks, "is everything running ok?"
Yesterday we were still short handed as Kathy and David couldn't come. Please remember to pray for this couple, Kathy lost her dad 3 weeks ago and David lost his younger brother a week ago. They are faithful volunteers that must be overwhelmed right now. Mom didn't come, she was hosting Bible study Tuesday morning and Marvin was out of town.
Another person missing was Chuck. He had his hip replaced last week but yesterday we all heard how well he is doing, running down the halls at Skyline pushing his walker in front. This was so nice to hear, before the hip replacement Chuck could hardly stand and for sure not stand upright.
Yesterday we needed to call Lance in to repair the copy machine. It was a good thing we did, he was able to fix it and now it is running well.
 Glenna and Jeanette worked in the kitchen area. Check out that pile of mail in front of Glenna. We had a lot of mail and were thankful so many came to help.
 Our only readers today were Lila and Jan. God surely provided as our usual readers of mom, Kathy, David and Marvin could not be here. 
 Below Joyce, Marvin L, Shirley and Vonnie are hard at work opening the mail.
  Marie would have been working in the other room, but since the copy machine was broken it was a pleasure to have her help on the computer. We had the last study entered just before noon.
 Below are a few enjoying our lunch break.
After lunch we separated the studies and stuffed envelopes with the new studies needing to go out. We had 2 mailboxes full which were mailed today. It seemed a miracle to me that so much was done all before 2:00 pm.
This next bit is a PLEA for help on Thursday. We will be entering 2 weeks worth of Bible requests today and Thursday we will need to wrap and mail out those Bibles. We have the Bibles at the Berean office but they all need stuffing, wrapping, labeling, and stamping. We would love some strong backed young kids to help lift and load the boxes of Bibles. We would love any age and condition to help with the rest. If you have never volunteered for Berean but always thought you would like to some day, that some day could be tomorrow (Thursday Sept 22nd, 2016)! Please pray about this and see where the Lord leads you. Who knows but that Bible YOU helped wrap or label may be the ONE chance a prisoner has to read God's living Word, repent and be saved.

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