Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We had a good group today and only 1 tub of mail. This gave Marie an opportunity to catch up on all the questions and problems the graders had. Each week we find 20-30 studies left at church that have notes on them with questions from the graders. It is a time consuming job but today was the perfect time to do it. Looking into the other room Jeanette and Shelby were hard at work applying labels and stamping envelopes.
 I caught Jeanette giving Shelby a hug.
 We are a very affectionate bunch at this office. Everyone works well together. We were finished today before noon with entering giving us time for a relaxing lunch together.
After lunch we got the stuffing done. Most of the volunteers stay for that but some need to leave. We really are thrilled with what ever hours people can give and don't expect anyone to have to stay. A praise to report is the board is working on figuring out how we can get bigger better black Bibles. Praying they will be able to order some soon. Most of the request that come in are for big black Bibles and one prisoner wrote, "if you can't give me giant print will you send me a Jumbo?

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