Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bibles Mailed

Today's workers at the Berean office were kept busy entering Bible requests, folding studies and labeling the Bibles. 
 Mary, Dave and Cindy were more than happy to do all those jobs and more.
By the time we finished we were only short 8 Bible stamps. Those 8 Bibles will get mailed out tomorrow. The Bibles were loaded into the car and driven to the Bartonville post office and from there I had to go to TEMCO to pick up tomorrow's mail and drive right back to the Berean office. I may be late coming in tomorrow and wanted to make sure there is plenty to do for the Thursday workers. By the way Thursday workers, there was almost a FULL tub of mail to process. Much more than a usual Thursday. We may not be done by noon and just may need to get pizza for lunch. YEAH!

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