Friday, September 9, 2016

Holiday Week

We were not able to get the mail on Tuesday so this week planned on working just one day and that was Wednesday. We had a good crew come in and not only were able to finish processing the studies, we also were able to enter and print off all the Bible requests for the week.Kathy and David were not able to come today to read letters, David's brother Allan passed away very suddenly. While Marvin L, Shirley, Jeanette, Eva Jean and Vonnie opened the mail, Dave B and I worked the computers and Marvin H read letters with mom.
 Also not pictured working were Jerry and Marie. Marie came in to and this is in her words, "teach old dogs new tricks." She introduced us to new paper clips and wanted to teach all the volunteers to put them on the side of the studies instead of the top. Marie feels this way we will have less envelopes coming off. These paper clips are probably more expensive but she brought 1000 today and is going to buy 5000 as a start. We were not quite finished by the time noon rolled around but close enough to enjoy our lunch break.
After lunch we were able to easily finish the job. Thursday just a few of us came in to get the Bibles  mailed out. Rachel S came in to help and took a few pictures of some of the art the prisoners send us. She posted these on Facebook but they will also be posted here.

We will be working Tuesday but not Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

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