Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Another Good Day

We had another wonderful day at the Berean office. This doesn't feel like work, we all have such a good time together.
Above Marie is multitasking entering studies and talking on the phone and below Jan and Joyce are hard at work in the other room opening mail. 
 They were joined by Jeanette who also went right to work. 
 Kathy and Marvin were the only readers today but not a lot of letters came in and they were easily able to finish by noon. 
 Above Marvin is sharing a touching letter with Kathy and just check out her reaction to this thank you note. A BIG smile. 
 Emily arrived to take her mom's place at the computer so Marie went to work organizing the studies while Marvin, Chuck, Glenna and Eva Jean opened and applied labels. Emily watched what was happening at this office and remarked, "you really have good people working here." "They all know what to do and just do it. " You see Emily use to volunteer at Berean's way back before she was in the RN program at ICC and was so impressed with how many people are willing to come work. 
All the mail was opened by 11:00 am, so they went into the other room to separate and stuff studies until lunch time. 
 Emily and I worked after lunch finishing around 1:00 pm with entering all the Bible labels. We have 238 to mail out on Thursday. Now we are just praying the new Bibles make it by that time.

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