Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sparkling Diamonds

The roads were good driving to Berean but the ice was still thick on the parking lot. Everyone working had to be careful getting from the car to the office. The view from the door looking out over the sparkling fields and diamond covered trees was amazing. This ice covering everything is just beautiful reminding us of  fairyland crystal palaces.  We reached 32 degrees today with sunshine which helped with the melting. By the time we finished up the ice was softer and not nearly as slippery but also not near as beautiful.  We had a smaller than usual group come volunteer today but that didn't stop us from getting the work done. Thankfully everyone here just knows what to do and does it. The first workers to arrive were Glenna, Eva Jean, Vonnie, Marvin and David. They went right to work opening today's mail.
 As Marie couldn't come today Marvin was put to work on the computer entering lessons. 
 Kathy and David were the main readers today. 
 Chuck and Marvin L were put to work labeling the studies while the ladies below opened the mail. 
 We had most of the work finished by noon and enjoyed lunch together. After lunch Marvin worked on certificates for those prisoners that finished all 50 lessons.
Marvin is the only person that takes home work on Tuesday. He grades all the 49 & 50's that come in and then sends them the certificate back with the graded lessons.

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