Thursday, December 1, 2016

Faithful Few

Roma and Edie came today to help clean up what the Tuesday group could not get done. These two ladies are sisters and even more unusual they are twins but not to each other. Roma's twin sister is Rhoda.
 While Edie's twin sister is Ethel. 
They are part of our Faithful Few that come on Thursdays to help with the Berean work. Usually we are wrapping, labeling and mailing out Bibles on Thursday but today we worked on the plethora of envelopes that still needed stuffing and sealing. Tuesday's mail was a big one. The other reason we did not work on Bibles is that the new Bibles are ON THE WAY! They should be here by next week so next Thursday will be a big day as far as wrapping Bibles. We welcome anyone that has time to spare this busy Christmas season. We would love to be able to get as many Bibles as possible to the prisoners that are requesting them before Christmas. What a gift that would be!

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