Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Smiles All Around

The Tuesday group of volunteers got to see the new Bible we are now giving out, some for the first time. The first bunch of Bibles were mailed Thursday. Everyone was impressed and so very pleased. Today our office was filled with happy voices and lots of smiles. Amazing how knowing we are giving out a really nice Bible makes everyone here joyful. We had quite a lot of mail but so many willing volunteers the mail was opened before noon. The office was serious in the beginning as everyone sat down and started working.
 Above Shirley, Glenna, Eva Jean and Vonnie are busy opening the studies. Below Marvin H is helping mom with a problem letter just as Marvin L walked in. 
 Marvin was shown the new Bible and was impressed as he compared the one we had been sending out with this far better new Bible.
Kathy and David went right to work reading letters.
 Joyce and Jan took a bunch of mail into the other room to open. 
 Marie was put to work entering on the computer. 
Some of the letters that came today were confusing. Marvin and mom were trying to figure out the best way to handle some of the requests. 
We were such a happy bunch today. Check out the smiles in the next few pictures. 

Everywhere I looked there were smiles but I was smiling the most today. Just watching all these wonderful people that come to help with this program warms my heart. It is a JOY to be here working. Although can one actually call it work when we get to spend fellowship time with a great bunch of people all enjoying each others company?

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