Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Blessed Tuesday at the Berean Office

We had a wonderful group of volunteers today. From the young to the old all work well together. The rooms were filled with laughter, singing and visiting while the mail was opened and processed. Marie brought in Justin to help make copies. He is great on the copy machine.
 Joan brought in Faith, Berlica, Mackenson, Ava and Aubry. They were put to work first stamping envelopes with the return addresses and got 3500 envelopes all ready for us. That should last us at least a month or so. Next they applied the stamps on the studies ready to go out.
In the other room Marvin L annd Chuck were busy processing studies while Shirley and Vonnie opened mail. 
 Marie kept busy filling study requests. 
 Below Joan is filling a stamper with ink then cleaning it up  while Faith makes sure they work. 
 Mackenson was more than willing to help on what ever his mom wanted him to do AND with a smile!
 Mark and Marvin were the readers today.
 Bill brought in a new volunteer today. Sarah came to help as she is on break from ISU. 
 Below Bill is talking to Marvin and Chuck about the trip to Romania. 
 Kathy was a little late today, below she was explaining to Mark why. Her smile lights up the entire room. 
 Mom and Jeanette were put right to work applying labels. 
 Marvin and Bill worked on the computer fixing problems and entering studies. 
 Joan and Marie are getting studies ready to stuff, the kids were sealing envelopes and applying stamps. 

We were so grateful for their help today. Many hands really did make light work. We finished with everything by lunch time and were able to enjoy a leisurely  lunch with great fellowship. Speaking of lunch, a special thanks to mom for bringing in her home made ham and bean soup served with fresh baked corn bread, chips, lots of fruit, then apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Tuesdays at the Berean office are GREAT!

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