Thursday, May 11, 2017

Easy Thursday

Trying to get to the Berean office today took longer than the actual work. The interstate was so backed up it took a half hour to drive 6 miles. A lot of cars were getting off and going through Peoria which caused Edie to be late too. She could hardly get through and almost ran into a car trying. Roma was waiting for us when we arrived and between the 3 of us got the 80 Bible requests filled and on the way to the post office. No pictures, the only picture taken was too blurry to use. Edie had quite a story to tell. She found a newborn fawn in her front yard. She walked up to it and touched it and it fluttered it's eyelashes so she was sure it was alive but was sure it would be dead by the time she got home from Berean. Hopefully not, mama deer leave their newborn fawns and the fawn's instinct is to stay down and not move until the doe comes back to feed it.

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