Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Zoom Lens

I grabbed the camera without looking and only when I reached the Berean office did I see the zoom lens was on it. Oh well, who cares about pictures anyway. What was amazing was the amount of work that was done in that office today. We had 2 new volunteers come. Mark was put right to work reading letters along with David and Kathy.
 Wayne stopped in to turn the air on. We were grateful, it was hot out today and the air conditioner works well in this office. 
 Lisa was put to work opening mail with Vonnie, Eva Jean, Shirley and George. 
 Bill and Marvin worked on the computers. 
 Chuck and mom worked on applying labels. 
 In the other room Joyce, Jan and Jeanette also applied labels then separated and stuffed envelopes. When all the mail was opened in our room, Chuck, David and a few others went into the room with Joyce, Jan and Jeanette to help. 
It really is amazing how this work gets done so quickly. We were finished before noon and enjoyed a nice lunch. We are so very thankful to the many volunteers that keep this program running.
This week Fedi,Bill, Tim and a few others are over in Romania. Ruth heard from Fedi that things are going well.

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