Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Busy Busy Hands

Idle hands may be the devils tools but he was out of luck today at the Berean office. We had many hands here to work and none of them were idle. Lisa brought 5 helpers to join with Marie's boys as we were expecting a load of Bibles that would need to be unloaded. While they were waiting for Spark to bring them, they were given the job of slitting open the hundreds of envelopes that were picked up yesterday.

Above the boys and Lisa were opening them and bringing them into this room for the adults to finish the job. We had such a wonderful group of volunteers today. These people truly are the light on a city that should not be hid. Not only do they know what to do they do it cheerfully.
This office is full of the sounds of visiting, laughing and occasionally an exclamation of panic, (when the printer get's jammed or the computer shuts off). 
 Spark arrived with the Bibles and before we could get in there to help Lisa and the boys pretty much had them all unloaded. 

 We had a bunch of slave drivers working today, either that or very compulsive workers. They wouldn't let us stop for lunch until the last envelope was stuffed and ready to mail.
I admit it was a blessing to sit down at the table for lunch and know the work was done for the day. A big thank you to the group that volunteered. Another amazing DAY!

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