Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Special Visitors

We were blessed to have the students from Light House Academy come to help us this morning. Check out the short video below of these very busy slightly noisy volunteers.
Marie brought them, got them working on first opening the mail then wrapping Bibles and finishing up with folding studies to fill the boxes. Once they were working she was able to come into the other room to help enter the studies on the computer as Janelle couldn't make it today.
We had a wonderful group of volunteers show up today. We had 2 sets of Marvins, 2 sets of Jans and 2 sets of Shirleys today.
Of course we had our regular helpers too, David, Eva Jean, Chuck, Glenna, Jeanette and mom.
After the Lighthouse kids got the mail opened they had a snack break. One of the Jans brought in goodies left over from hymn sing on Sunday. That and chocolate milk gave these kids enough sugar to easily handle those heavy boxes of Bibles. 
A special thanks to this great group of school children. Can you imagine a better way of teaching? These children learned about volunteering, helping those less fortunate, and opening their eyes as to how hungry these prisoners are for the Living Word.
When the second Marvin showed up, Chuck was given the job of training him. 
We had a tremendous amount of mail again today and were not able to finish before noon but we still enjoyed our lunch break.
Then it was right back to work.
We were able to finish up by 1:30 pm. Amazing how many hands really did lighten the load for the group. In days past we would have been working until 3:00 or 4:00 pm with this amount of mail. A BIG thank you to all who came!
There is one more thing that must be written and this is to Ms G, the lady that saw the last post and so generously donated to help this program out. Ms G, if you read this thank you thank you. Your gift was so needed and we are so very thankful. ps let me know which daughter (I'm one of them) 

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