Thursday, November 5, 2015

Huge Mail Week

Diane walked in the Berean office with another mailbox full of mail. This was the 3rd one this week. We were scrambling to get done today. Thankfully we had a new volunteer. Lila came for the first time and hopefully she will come again now that she saw how much she was needed. Below Diane is explaining the reading job to her while Rachel reads letters. We had some doozies today. This week it seemed like the letters were not as easy as usual to process, each one had something a little different.
 In the picture below Chuck, Anne, Eva Jean, Edie and Roma are busy processing the studies.
 Janelle was able to finish the certificates then started on entering studies. Once the studies were finished she was taught how to enter new Bible requests on the computer. These young people pick up new jobs like they have been doing them for years. She was entering faster than I was and I've been doing it for 22 years. We came to the conclusion that this program needs more her age! Too bad they are either in school or working at jobs that won't let them off for volunteering.
In the other room we had a crew working on labeling the Bibles and loading them in Diane's van until we ran out of Bibles. We were short 250 after getting out 276. Please pray that the Bibles will get delivered soon. They are so needed. We broke for lunch at noon. Rachel and Roma weren't able to stay for lunch but the rest of us enjoyed the meal and fellowship. The best part about the meal was dessert. Eva Jean brought in a pumpkin pie right out of her oven baked this morning.
It was still hot when she arrived. That pie was the creamiest most delicious pumpkin pie I've had in years. She provided cool whip and ice cream for the topping.

I had to leave before 1:00 pm but Diane stayed to finish entering the letters. She called at 3:40 pm, had just finished up and was heading down to the post office to drop off the Bibles and studies. I offered to drive in to meet her so she wouldn't have to unload the boxes by herself but she said she could handle it. About that time I started to pray that God would send someone to help her. This is a hard back breaking job. She arrived just after 4:00 and there were no carts to put the Bibles on, thinking they may be closed she rang the back bell. The post lady came to the door and told her, "we are still open" and sent someone out to help her unload. (Thank You Jesus!) She had to take the studies inside and the lady behind the desk told her she knew of this program, knew Uncle Ed, in fact she said, "I've kind of wormed my way into the family." A big thank you to the Bartonville post office workers, they go above and beyond.

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