Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Praying For Bibles

The Bibles have not arrived. We have many many requests from prisoners asking for a Bible and have no Bibles to send them. We had a wonderful group of volunteers come today to help process the studies. Not many pictures were taken, we were all just too busy working. Janelle was put right to work on the computer.
Jeanette was started on labels
 We had so many letters come today that the second Marvin was asked to help read too.
 The amount of letters that come just cause new volunteers to throw up their hands. 
 Once the labels were all printed Janelle took the studies into the other room to separate. 
We had all the studies processed by noon, enjoyed a nice lunch together then cleaned up and left for the day. Tomorrow the letters will be processed. Please remember to pray that the Bibles will be delivered soon.

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