Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Busy Productive Day

We were a little afraid of what the mail would bring this morning as Thursday's mail was light. We had a reason to be afraid. We had 2 full boxes of mail come in. Thankfully we had some hard working volunteers that came in too.
 The Bibles came today so of course we formed a chain to bring them into the office. Once in the office Lisa and her boys were put to work stuffing, wrapping and labeling in one room while a bunch of us worked in the other room on the studies and letters.

Mom arrived with our lunch. I took this short video of everyone hard at work just before lunch.
Just check out the noise in this office while everyone is hard at work. These volunteers are so very appreciated. The Bible study program has exploded to much more than one or two people could do. We broke for lunch around noon and couldn't wait to taste the meal mom had prepared. She served us chicken paprika, wild rice, mixed vegetables, rolls with butter and for dessert pudding and candy bars. 

 Everyone enjoyed the short break but we couldn't sit too long we still had so much to do. There was so much today that we weren't able to finish. Marie took all the stuffed envelopes home to seal and mail. She also took a full box of studies to send to the Ohio churches but don't worry Peoria, I have another box to bring to church on Wednesday night for grading. There are plenty of studies still to be graded for anyone wanting to grade.
WE WILL NOT BE WORKING ON THURSDAY at the Berean Office. Lois Ehnle's funeral is that day.

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