Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Much More Mail

Today was the biggest mail day ever for Berean. Where is this program going and how much more will it grow? Each week we set a new record. We are now going through OVER 1600 stamps each week. We were very very happy today to see Glenna back. She was on medical leave for the last nine weeks and today decided enough was enough walked in and was put right to work opening the mail.

 Peoria was having TAG today at church so we didn't expect a big group of volunteers but were happy to greet each one as they walked in the door. Jeanette and Chuck were put to work labeling envelopes, Mom, Marvin, Kathy, Dave and Shirley were the readers, Justin, Glenna and Eva Jean were the openers while Marie and I entered on the computer.

 Kathy opened the letter below and had to read it aloud to us. Read the next to the last sentence.
We had a lot of touching letters today. When we broke for lunch we still had piles of mail to process. Jeanette worked right through lunch to try to catch up.
 The men below are separating the lessons by numbers, just one of the many steps to processing these studies so each of the prisoners doing them can get the next set of 4 quickly.
Below a very happy Kathy is almost done organizing the request letters. 
 The studies were piling up on the table ready for the next step. 
 Below we are all at work either stuffing envelopes or sealing envelopes. 
 Even though this is a lot of work it doesn't take many brains and we can visit with each other as we are working. The amount of laughter that comes out of these two rooms sometimes rocks the building. 
 Below Marvin is busy making the certificates for the prisoners that have finished all 50 lessons.
We all had to put in over-time today in order to get the studies processed. I was so very thankful for all the help today. If anyone wants to join us we still have room for helpers and there is always plenty to do. We would LOVE to have you.

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