Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just a Little Overwhelmed

The Bibles came! They were dropped off at 9:00 am at the Berean office and even better yet, we will be getting another load in a week from Thursday. Marvin was the hero today, more on that later although he showed up right before the Bibles arrived and had to help unload them. Marvin reminded us that this place today was like Gold's Gym without the L. We got a great workout and didn't have to pay a penny for the privilege. I was kind of expecting a small mail day as we had Easter on Sunday and every time we have a holiday the mail that next week is usually much smaller but check out the piles that came in today.
Ellen was out of town on Monday so couldn't get us any stamps for today. Thankfully we had the 10 rolls that were donated last week and were able to get most of the mailing out this week. We will get 16 rolls of stamps for Thursday and left a LOT of work for the Thursday group. Anyone out there like to work with stickers? We will actually need a lot of help, we have close to a thousand Bible studies all waiting for stamps so we can send them away to be graded. Truly we would be so thrilled for anyone wanting to come on Thursday starting at 9:00 am. A lot of our regular Thursday volunteers are vacationing in Gulf Shores this week. We had a new volunteer come today and put her right to work reading letters. Hopefully the overwhelming amount of mail didn't discourage her. 
 The all important copier quit working, this time we needed the expert Lance to come service it. Not sure what he did but it worked for most of the morning. We are almost out of 1-4 plus the letters and not that long ago we had 25,000 of them. That machine gets quite a work out.
 Lisa arrived with her boys and Marie came with Megan, Justin and Timothy and a lot of the Bibles got wrapped and labeled today which should make it a bit easier for our Thursday group. Lisa also got 5 boxes of Bibles out to the Galveston Jail in Texas, we had 60 prisoners request from that prison alone today. Thankfully one of the workers there, Deputy Mayes, is willing to accept the UPS boxes and hand out the Bibles. This saves a LOT of postage costs. 
 The readers today were Carol, Shirley, Marvin, David, and Kathy. The study processors were Glenna, Eva Jean, Joyce, Jan and Chuck. Marie and I worked on the computer printing labels. 
 Our lunch break today was short, there was just so much to do. 
 Shelby arrived after lunch and was put to work stamping envelopes while Megan sealed them. 
 The stuffing and sealing are the last jobs of the day and today we finished before 3:00 pm
 But..the copy machine stopped working. We asked Marvin to look at it, he saw the problem and with a little help was able to fix it. So yes, he was the hero today.

 That machine is probably the most used machine in the place. Thousands and thousands of copies are made each week. We are very thankful for Marie's family. They have taken over making all the copies which is such a time consuming job. I am also thankful to all these wonderful willing volunteers. I can't imagine trying to open and process all those letters and yet with each one working it got done! THANKS from the HEART!

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