Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saint's Generosity

On Thursday (this post is 2 days late) we were discouraged, not enough stamps to finish the studies, not enough Bibles to get the list processed. We had really good helpers help but if we are short of supplies our hands are tied.
 Edie and Roma were put in charge of the studies, Diane R and Chuck read all the letters.
Diane H worked in the other room all by herself stuffing and labeling Bibles until Eva Jean, Chuck and I joined her to help with that big job. We were loading her van with the Bibles when the wind picked up bringing buckets of rain with it, slamming into us, the van, and the office building. This building has a metal roof and the noise of the pounding rain was a roar. We finished everything we could, leaving lots of studies for Tuesday's group and lots of unfilled prisoner requests for Bibles as we ran out of so many supplies. leaving the office a bit discouraged wondering how we would be able to keep this up made for a long drive home. At least that drive was spent praying for this program.
Well yesterday someone, someone from the Peoria church, who shall not be named, dropped off 10 rolls of stamps, that's 1000 of them for the Berean Prison Ministry. SO SO thankful, we were not able to finish the studies on Thursday because of running out of stamps. How grateful we are for the generosity of HIS saints. Then Spark called to report the Berean board found a smaller large print Bible which will save hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and save a bit more than a dollar each to mail. Spark ordered 5000 of them. That's enough to keep us going for at couple months. So in the space of 2 days I went from discouraged to amazed. All along we have said, "this is God's program, if HE wants it to continue, HE will make a way.
Humbled and Thankful!

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