Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tuesday's Labor

I'm posting this a day late and a dollar short. Make that lots of dollars short, we are out of stamps and won't have enough to process tomorrow's mail. bummer.
Sure can't complain about the willing laborers in the fields that are white ready to harvest. Thankfully we had a wonderful group of volunteers Tuesday. Enough to get ALL the Bibles out and all the studies processed stuffed and mailed out. When I got there Diane had already picked up two full boxes of mail. She, Shirley and Eva Jean were hard at work opening.
 In the other room Mitchel, Justin and Marie were hard at work stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles.
 At the other table, Marvin, David and Kathy were busy reading letters. Marvin is actually looking up at our DO NOT SEND list. We get some prisoners that request more than one Bible. When we recognize a name we check to see if it matches one of these DO NOT SEND people.
 At Berean we are only allowed to send one Bible per prisoners. Diane set up an assembly line below. Eva Jean is the fastest neatest letter opener so she was in charge of slitting the envelops open. Shirely, Chuck, and Joyce were taking the studies out of the envelope while Mom was busy reading letters and Jeanette was applying labels to envelops. We sure have enough mail to keep everyone busy.
 Shelby arrived and was put to work helping with the Bibles. We had over 400 to get out yesterday.
 Kathy and David had to leave by 1:00 pm, Roma was good enough to come take their place. Below she is stuffing the next set of studies into envelopes for prisoners.
 After lunch Marvin went to work making certificates. We are doing more and more of these each week as each week we have 30-50 prisoners finish all 50 lessons.
 Instead of a quilting bee we have a sealing bee. Around 800 envelopes needed to be stuffed and sealed. The sealing is fun, no thinking involved which means we can visit with each other as we work. Just outside the door is Mark's van stuffed full of Bibles all ready to be mailed.
We had a very productive day on Tuesday. Today Diane and I typed in all the labels of the requests for Bibles that came yesterday. Tomorrow hopefully we can get these requests mailed out. That is if Spark will get the Bibles delivered.

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