Friday, December 5, 2014

A Christmas Wish

We had a very productive day at Berean. Eva Jean, Diane and I were the only workers until Lisa brought Jarvis and Cooper to help. Those boys were excellent help today. We had a light mail day only 36 request for Bible letters and about 50 returned studies. We also had a little over 50 new prisoners request to take the study. All of the requests were filled before lunch. We mailed out 197 Bibles this week. 
Diane wanted me to post about our Christmas wish list. We need more letter openers! Actually this is a pretty important need for us right now. 
The ones we were using were white, we don't care what brand we just need them! Diane bought a bunch of them a couple months ago but they disappear or break. We really use them hard with thousands of envelopes that need opening each month. 
Donations of any items can be mailed or dropped off at  Berean Prison Ministry % The Meister Companies  711 S. Kickapoo Creek Rd.  Peoria IL 61604

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