Tuesday, December 9, 2014

No Time for Letters

Oh my did we have the mail this morning. The box was full to overflowing. Good thing we have a great Tuesday crew. Diane sat piles of mail on the tables and then watched as each volunteer arrives, sits down and without asking just starts opening the mail.

Dan came by today with Diesel his Great Dane puppy and had to take him out of the office pretty quickly. That boy has a lethal tail. Diesel was wagging his tail so fast it was hitting the copier and knocking things down. I'm wondering how big this boy is going to end up, he is still a puppy. For reference Dan is over 6 feet tall. 
Lisa didn't bring any kids down today so when Rhoda walked in we almost started cheering. We put her to work on stamping the return address on envelopes so we could finish processing the studies. 
By the time we were ready to break for lunch the office was a mess. The picture below shows a mail tub that WAS empty and now full of the discarded envelopes and finished stamp rolls. The picture below that shows the studies all processed and ready to take to church.

The letters were read but not processed and the studies were not stuffed or mailed. I'll have to go in tomorrow to try to catch up. Tomorrow I will post some of the very very interesting letters that came in today so check back in tomorrow if you like to read the letters. 
A BIG THANKYOU to all who donated letter openers. We appreciated having enough that each person working today had their own razor sharp letter opener and didn't have to share. I was asked today what our wish list is for this week and the answer is prayer. Berean needs the prayer support of God's children. In particular we need discernment on how to answer some of the letters and requests. If you are reading this blog, stop and ask God to bless our efforts of Berean Prison Ministry that in everything we do would be to Glorify HIM, Jesus our Savior our Creator.

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