Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Day of Gifts

Diane and I were a little worried about having enough help for the Berean day with Rhoda and Emily gone. On the walk we mentioned that to Joan and as a gift to us Joan brought down an amazing crew of helpers. Bill and Bethany were in town for the Meister Christmas and joined us along with Tim, Sarah, Hannah, Joan and Karin from out this way.
When we arrived at Meister's we had 2 children join in the fun, Crystal and Amanda both brought their children in to work and both were more than willing to help out.
Tim Martin called on Monday to give us the bad news that he was not going to be able to deliver the Bibles but the good news that they were all stuffed, wrapped and ready to go at the warehouse in Goodfield. Diane called Spark and he had his son Jacob pick them up. 
That was such a gift, then Eva Jean arrived with MORE gifts.  Sixteen HUNDRED jumbo papers clips! These had been donated to Berean by Angie. They were joined by the hundreds of clips Gail donated! I believe we now have enough paper clips to last us a few years! Diane R. donated more letter openers, while Eva Jean donated more pens. We thought it must be Christmas already.
We couldn't spend much time admiring our shiny clips, openers and pens, work awaited and work we did. Our volunteers started to arrive and Diane started to put everyone to work. In the picture below Tim has 2 helpers and they are getting the labels put on the Bibles. 

 People were piling in all ready for jobs! In the picture below Diane is taking a crew over to the conference room to start them on envelopes and studies while the sitters are already hard at work with letters.
 Lance, our copier repair man showed up. The copier is now running great.
 Lisa dropped off 2 of her boys and everyone worked hard until noon. We were able to finish almost everything by that time. The Bibles were loaded into Diane's van and off we drove to the post office.
 In the picture above Joan is keeping a big group busy and below the Bibles are getting moved from Diane's van up onto the loading dock at the post office.
 Once the van was emptied of boxes it could hold people. We drove to Denny's for a relaxing lunch. Such an amazing amount of work was accomplished by many many hands. A big thank you to everyone who donated time and supplies during this busy Christmas season.
We had a lot of nice letters come in, below was just a nice note written on the bottom of a Bible study.

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