Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Food for the Belly?

Diane drove her van in, we were very thankful to have Rhoda and Emily come with us. We knew we were going to be overwhelmed today and we were right. Thankfully we had a lot of volunteers arrive to help lighten the load. It really is true that many hands make light work.
Below Kathy is busy writing a prisoner while Dave is reading the letters. Rhoda is working on the studies, Shirley and Eva Jean are opening the mail while Diane is working on one computer and Emily is working on the other entering the studies.
 We decided to train Emily on the program so when Diane and I are at Gulf Shores work won't come to a screeching halt.
 Shelby drove down with 2 of Lisa's boys. We are always glad for the strong arms and backs. Those boxes weigh 32 pounds each unless they are over filled and then they weigh about 50 pounds.

 Below Shelby, Wes and Terren are busy putting stamps and labels on the Bibles. Diane kept the copier going today and we almost got our boxes filled.
 In the picture below taken in the conference room, Diane is explaining to Jan the next job while Joyce is working on filling the next 4 lessons.
Below Rhoda is loading the studies to be mailed into Diane's van which is filled with 30 boxes of Bibles to take to the post office.
 Emily has the box of lessons that went to choir tonight and then will go to church tomorrow in hopes people will take them for grading.
We ran out of stamps again, we had over 300 requests come in and only 250 stamps. Ellen promised more stamps on Thursday so the rest of the Bibles will be sent out then.
David Obergfel opened the most entertaining letter of the day. This is what was on the letter exactly as written: Dear Berean Prison Ministry, I greet you in Jesus Name & I ask you to please send me the following items on the other side of this page by E-COMM.COM because I'm indigent & have nothing at this time Thanks & God Bless
1 Baby Powder 1 aloe vera cream 1 hot sauce 1 mountain dew soda 1 honey bun 40 envelopes 10 spicy vegetable soup 1 cinnamon cereal 1 powdered milk 1 bang chips 1 barbq chips 1 cheese puffs, 1 jalapeno chips 1 hot chocolate 1 ladys speed deodorant 1 primero se candy 1 pecan pie large 2 plantation coffee 10 garlic pickles 5 spams 2 chocolate chip cookies butterfinger cookies 5 duplex cookies 50 mint sticks 50 lemon sport drinks 50 orange sport drink 1 popcorn 1 graham crackers 10 hot peanut 1 sqeeze cheese 1 turkey swiss combo 1 sprite soda 1 snicker w/ almond 1 fireballs 2 hot fries 1 peach pie 1 chocolate cupcake 1 oatmeal cookie 2 more hot sauces 2 more chocolate cupcakes 4 cheese curls. 
Someone want to take care of all that for this prisoner? They didn't even ask for a Bible but after reading the list maybe we need to fill the stomach before feeding the soul.
We got a couple of nice letters, one prisoner wrote:  Dear Instructor, Thank you once again for you lesson.
I only brought one more home but it is too long to post and the day is already far spent.

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