Thursday, December 11, 2014

Soon, Letters Coming Soon

I know I promised to post some of the letters today but we were swamped AGAIN. We were trying to get out the Bibles for the week and had over 320 request come in and that is just for this week. Unfortunately we didn't have that many of the Bible stamps, they cost $3.65 each and we only had 240 on hand.
 Thankfully Lisa dropped of a couple of her kids to help, Wes and Maddie. Spark came in to check on our work.
 Lisa came at noon to pick up Wes and Maddie and since we were not finished she agreed to stay and help get the Bibles ready for the mail.
 The rest will have to wait until Tuesday. Ellen was called and promised the stamps by then. We are bleeding red ink and don't know how to stop. Who decides how much a soul is worth?
I know I promised to post some of the letters but it is almost 10:30 and they need to be processed first. Tomorrow, I promise letters tomorrow!

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