Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Donation of TAPE

We had an extremely busy but productive day working for Berean Prison Ministry. We had a wonderful group of volunteers.
 We were given a wonderful donation of tape, lots of tape probably enough to get us by for a few months. Thank YOU Angie!
 Lisa's boys were kept busy stamping envelopes. We go through about a thousand a week and each one needs to have the return address stamped on the left hand corner. These boys were able to finish a couple boxes before they started on another job.
Rhoda was put to work preparing the Bibles for mailing.
 Diane went to TAG in the morning but then showed up here and worked while we went to lunch. When we arrived back she had most of the letters processed. Below are a few from today.

I'm not sure how many Bibles we got out today but her van was sure full. Mark helped load them.

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