Thursday, December 18, 2014

Running Low

We are AGAIN running low on paper clips. Eva Jean provided 1000 of the jumbo clips out of her own pocket and they haven't come back yet. We could easily use another 1000 if anyone else would like to donate any. Please consider giving this Christmas season. Maybe we are asking for too much when there is so much other need out in the world.
Today we will start at Meisters at 9:00 am and could really use help. We won't have any Bibles to get out we ran out of those Tuesday and the new ones won't be here until next Tuesday but we need help folding lessons. In the picture below we have a good crew busy folding them.
ANYONE can do this work. If you show up today then want to come in when you have a free hour this is something anyone can do without supervision. The joke was I told someone at church she should come down and volunteer for Berean, it doesn't take any brains. Was that an insult? She had a good laugh, started volunteering then told me later, "you were right, it really doesn't take any brains I can DO this job!"
If you have an abundance of brains come anyway. We are looking for someone willing to run the copier to reduce the noise on Tuesdays.

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