Friday, December 12, 2014

A Few Letters

The letters below came in this week. There were well over 300 letters of which I just brought home a few for the blog. 
The letter below was too hard to read in a picture form so I copied it exactly as written: 
Dear Grader,

I feel this Bible study was suggested to me at one of the darkest times in my short life. While incarcerated I lost my wife and four sons to a drunk driver. I was ready to die.  I no longer had the will to live. No one should have to endure the passing of a child let alone a wife and four children. All my life I have gone to church tride to do the Christian good I was taught, but the taking of my family in the blink of an eye made me question why our God would let that happen.  When I ask him he still won’t answer and I don’t believe he will. I believe if any man or woman can see the love of Christ in me after so much heartache I can reach even the most lost soul and bring them back to the love of our Lord. I still have a son, and two daughters with my first wife when they ask why our God took their brothers it tears my heart apart. I can’t think of any reason for it. I know they are in the Lords presence. No more pain or suffering. I have a testimony that can touch the blackest heart. The lonely lost soul. I believe the best sermon is lived, not preached. I’m living proof.
In case you cannot read the letter above:
To the wonderful people at Berean, Thank you for all and every lesson.  I look forward to every lesson I receive because wither it refreshes what I already know, what I've forgotten, or something new to increase my knowledge. This is why I've been referring others to you so they will learn, blessed and have a closer walk with God.  Another reason for my letter is I have another person I'm referring to accept your lessons.  I will give you his information at the bottom of this letter.  I have completed the first fifty lessons.  I requested a Bible and have not received it as of yet. Would you checked to see if it was sent or maybe put to the side for a later date?  Thank you and may God bless each of you. Thank you for every prayer you pray for us and our loved ones. 
 The letter below is also printed out:
Dear: Berean Prison Ministry, It has in deed been a joy Sharing these Spiritual lesson with you. But my time has come to be released from the center Amen. 12-11-14 is the date so I thank God for the opportunity to be afreshed.  Now my Soul is "happy" if be possible please respond back before this out date Amen: From Bro.______________ May New Mercies of God keep Using us, keeping us, and pro-tecting us be our guide. Peace be with you all: 

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