Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Donated Stamps

Eva Jean and Shirley had already arrived and were waiting by the time I got to the Berean office with the mail. Eva Jean was put to work opening mail but Shirley was given an errand to run. We were out of bottled water at the Berean office and the water here is not drinkable so Shirley was kind enough to go pick up 4 cases of water for the office. The rest of the volunteers arrived shortly and all went right to work. We had a light load of mail today, just one full box but it was easily enough to keep everyone busy for hours.

 Mark arrived with a pallet of Bibles which he, Justin, Marie, Janelle and I unloaded within minutes. It is such a blessing to work at this office. Mark is able to drive the truck right up to the door and with our human chain the unloading goes quickly. We finished up the studies before noon so had a nice leisurely lunch.
After lunch everyone left except Kathy and Dave who weren't quite done with the letters. These two put in overtime today. 
The Roanoke AC church donated around 3000 stamps this week. A BIG BIG thanks to those who gave. Shirley brought in 800 more jumbo paper clips. It is amazing how quickly we go through these clips. Most of our graders give them back but we have been running out before we can get them back. We had a good day today.

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