Thursday, October 29, 2015

Willing Workers Do Worthy Work

Tim Martin was sent a text yesterday to order more Bibles. Mark delivered the last pallet on Tuesday and the request that came in on Tuesday were probably at least half the pallet. Diane picked up the mail so I drove the back roads and made it to the Berean office first for once. It didn't take long for the volunteers to start arriving. Diane arrived with a pretty full box of mail, unusual for a Thursday. While the other volunteers worked on opening the mail Janelle was taught how to make certificates so Diane could start on wrapping Bibles.
 Diane R came and started reading letters. She was the only reader today as Rachel was in Indiana. Diane R never complains, she just sits down and starts working.
 Today must have been pink day. Everybody in the room at one point had pink on but Edie. She must not have gotten the memo about matching the chairs. 

 When Chuck arrived and wasn't wearing pink the other volunteers put him at the other table to work on labels.
 Diane, Eva Jean and Vonnie had quite a few of the Bibles wrapped before the rest of us finished with the studies. We joined them to finish up. Many hands really do make light work. Janelle did all the lifting and loading today. Everyone there really appreciates her willingness to donate her time and muscles to this cause. 
 With so many willing workers we were able to quit by noon. Amazing how good the food and fellowship is when we know we are done for the day.
We survived another week.

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