Friday, October 23, 2015

IN and OUT

We have a lot of things around here that go in and out.  Today Diane and I hauled Bibles to the Berean office and it didn't take long for them to go flying out of the office, stuffed and ready for mailing in Mark's van. See that pile of papers on the table? Those are labels of prisoners who have each requested a Bible. As soon as the volunteers came today their job was to apply labels and haul out to the van. Below Eva Jean has lifted that 32 pound box IN FRONT OF Janelle to dump onto the table for labeling. Sometimes Eva Jean shocks us. Diane, Shirley and I all at the same time exclaimed, "Eva Jean, that is what Janelle is here for!"
 Edie and Roma were put to work in the other room on the mail that came in today. Thankfully we had a light mail day, the 2 of them could easily keep up. These 2 ladies not only opened the mail, they also took each step needed to process it and get the studies ready for grading and the new studies stuffed, stamped and ready to mail. 
 While Diane and I were finishing up on the computer the rest were in folding studies for next week.
Diane and I took the loaded van to the post office with over 500 Bibles to go out. We also UPS'd about 100 Bibles to Chaplains waiting. Kind of scary when over 600 go out in one week. We have just 1 pallet left of Bibles down at Meisters which Mark is going to deliver on Tuesday. If any strong person wants to show up around 9:00 am Tuesday to help unload we would all be so grateful.

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