Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rainy Day Surprise

Even though we woke up to rain, we still needed to get the Bibles delivered to the Berean office. The only truck available is not covered but Mark was sure he could cover the pallet well with a tarp and still bring them. The Horsemeister truck was dropped off at the shop while I drove Mark's van to Berean. I arrived to find quite a surprise. A bunch of the ladies from last week decided to rearrange the office (which I knew about ) but didn't just stop there. Shirley and Eva Jean went one step farther. Just look at what I walked into:
 My reaction was, "They are PINK!" The arrangement gives us more room for volunteers to open the mail and they got a deal on the pink chairs. All the big old clumpy chairs, the ones with arms that take up too much room were stuffed in the scale office and just look at how many more people we can get in this room.
The workers started to arrive and the reaction of each was priceless. David had to grab one to try out:
 Of course the ladies told him, he wasn't allowed to sit there, those chairs were obviously for the ladies only! Marvin knew better and didn't even try, although he did take Eva Jean's old chair when she wasn't looking. Kathy walked in to admire their handiwork and taste.
It didn't take long to fill the table with volunteers all ready to work and work they did. It was nice to have Chuck back after his vacation and Marie back. She couldn't come last week as Megan, Justin and Timothy were all sick. We found out that Timothy had pneumonia.
 Above they are all busy opening the studies for Janella and me to enter and below they are all opening and reading the many letters that came today.
 When Marie had to cancel last week, Janelle was asked to take her place on the computer. Well we found out this girl has many talents, she was given basic instructions and went to town entering the studies. She is so fast we did not allow her to go back to opening the mail.
The only time we let her out of that chair this morning was when Mark arrived with the Bibles. Poor Janelle was asked to unload Bibles in the rain. She is young and has a strong back. Justin jumped right in to help too. These boxes probably weigh half his body weight. 
 By the time the truck was unloaded we were wet and tired. No need to go to one of those expensive work out places. 
 Mark was asked to come see the new room arrangement. What was funny was he had to ask, "what is different?" In his defense he usually doesn't come into this room so really had no idea what to look for. 
Wayne stopped in and then we found out he was the person that put all the chairs together. A big thank you to him too. He was a little embarrassed when we all clapped. 
 Joyce and Jan arrived a little later and had to admire the room. They volunteer at Skylines and can't always make Tuesdays but we are thrilled when they do.
 Lunch was ready, the prayer was said then these 2 slipped back inside this room to keep working while the line went down. It is hard for compulsive (Hodels) people to leave work undone. We love having the Hodel family, they are all such hard workers.
 Vonnie arrived to pick up supplies for Skylines. They are going to be folding the first set of studies to be stuffed in the Bibles. 
We had a good time at lunch. The food is good for the body but the laughter shared at our meal is good for the soul. 
 After lunch we caught mom stealing one of those fancy pink chairs. 
 Janelle has to leave us after lunch as she is in school at Bradley in the afternoons. We are always sorry to see her go.  
Thankfully we finished by 1:00 pm, cleaned up the rooms and took off. A wet, cold but wonderful day!

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