Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Many Hands but Still TOO Much TO DO

Because of being late there were volunteers waiting to get in but once they saw the mail they just about turned around and left. Marvin came today, we were pretty thrilled to see another worker but even more impressive was he reminded us we should probably start with a pray. After that start the day just went amazing. Janelle was asked to step up to the plate (computer) and take Marie's place as she had to stay home with sick boys.
 This was the perfect place for her, between the 2 of us we easily kept up with all the openers. Above Dave, Kathy, Marvin and Shirley are doing the reading while Janelle enters the studies. Below Jan, Joyce, Vonnie, Verina and Eva Jean are opening the mail. Jeanette was working in the other room and mom came a bit later.
 Check out David's reaction below. He opens the letter and starts waving it, all the while exclaiming, "there are 31 names on here all in different hand writing and all wanting Bibles."
 Jeanette showed up just a bit late so we put her to work applying labels in the other room.

 We finally broke for lunch at noon but as you can see in the picture above still had piles of mail to open. Mom came in time to get lunch ready for all of us.
 We enjoyed the nice break but felt pressure to hurry and eat so we could get back to work.
 Marvin opened a letter today that was a first for this program. The man included a request for one of those Bibles that cost $17.99 and asked the prison to release $18.00 of his funds and send it to us for a new Bible. Marvin is holding the check made out to Berean for $18.00. Wow this man really wants a Bible. I think by paying for it himself, he is going to treasure it.
 The Bible letters will be processed tomorrow and sent out on Thursday. Sure hope we have enough. Below we are working on stuffing the new studies for mailing out. We could hardly believe the amount of mail today.
I can't not mention what happened here on Sunday afternoon. The Bible class from the Peoria AC church came, stuffed and wrapped all those Bibles you see in the picture above up against the wall. That wasn't all they did, they also filled boxes for studies. Those same boxes were what we used today. So so thankful for every thing they accomplished. Hopefully someone took pictures and will post them on Facebook or forward them to me.
It is mind boggling to realize how many souls are in jail or prison. Each week this program is growing by leaps and bounds. We had many hands to help today but I can't say "many hands make light work." We all had to work HARD to finish today.

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