Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Berean had special guests come today to wrap Bibles. Check out how busy these willing workers are:
It was a good thing they came, they wrapped an entire pallet of Bibles for us and we probably got requests today of most of those Bibles. On Tuesday we work on reading the letters and processing the studies. On Thursdays we mail out the Bibles. There is enough work now to probably work 3 days a week but we would need someone willing to manage the volunteers. Anyone out there want to volunteer on Wednesdays?
Below is a short video of the adult room as we were processing the studies. Not all volunteers were present during the filming.
The office was noisy today but very productive.

We finished up around 3:00 pm. Check out the studies to be mailed in the picture below.
We now have 46,330 students on the rolls. Each week around 20 to 30 finish all 50 lessons and those prisoners anxiously await their certificate.

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